ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi seriously wounded


According to a report in the Britain’s Guardian newspaper, ISIS leader and founder Abu bakr al-Baghdadi was seriously wounded in an air strike which was carried out by pro-American troops sometime in March.

Guardian quoted two separate sources to confirm the validity of the air-strike which had hit al-Baghdadi, took place on March the 18th in al-Baaj district, close to the Iraqi-Syrian border.

His condition was so serious that the ISIS top brass had decided to replace him as leader fearing the worst, and had made plans of succession, until al-Baghdadi had shown signs of recovery.

Even then,al-Baghdadi under recovery mode, is not running the day to day operations of the terror outfit  but that mantle is now held by a former physics teacher Abu Alaa Afri, the deputy of the self proclaimed caliph of the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant, said a report in the Newsweek magazine who quoted a source, who is the adviser to the Iraqi government on ISIS.

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