Centre to Import More Pulses

After the rice in prices of onions now the Pulses are making people cry. The prices of pulses are soaring sky and government is looking helpless at the moment. Pulses are considered to be an important food item of the diet of not only a rich vegetarian but also for a poor person. Pulses for vegetarian is one of the great and cheap source of protein as there are not many food items for vegetarian which can provide them with the daily requirement of proteins. Since proteins are essential for the growing children for their role in development their availability and affordability helps us achieve not only hunger but also malnutrition problems. Thus pulses are and will be an important item in the diet of Indians.

The rising prices of pulses is not at all a good sign for India. The further perplexing scenario is that the prices of pulses are rising in the backdrop of falling inflation prices. The recent data has shown the falling food price inflation, but then it poses a question before the government the reasons for such rise in prices.

Seeing all this the decision has been taken by Centre to import more pulses so as to ease the prices in the market by dumping them in the domestic market and easing the supply constraints. This is an essential step and a much required one as well. But is it a long term solution. The answer is bluntly a big NO. We cannot be dependent on the imports for all the time. It is a time to relook the policy of government towards pulses. Government should take steps to improve the domestic production of pulses in India.

Government can  motivate the farmers to improve the production by giving them higher MSP for Pulses. Government should develop the new and local varieties of pulses which have higher yields and can fight from the local problems. Pulses in all require less rainfall and still they are not preferred by the farmers mainly because of the lower yields of local varieties and the lower prices for pulses. If the profitability of farmers are increased by improving both prices and productivity then it will provide good incentive to farmers to shift towards pulses. Further government should also check the black marketing and hoarding practices of pulses which reduces the market supply. Government can also think of maintaining of a buffer stock of pulses as well for emergencies so that we need not rely on imports in such times as it leads to outflow of our precious Foreign reserves.

Thus pulses being an important source of proteins government should re think its policies towards pulses to avert such situations in future.

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