Modi calls for an Asian Century

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his recent visit to Singapore for the ASEAN summit has said that we Asians are closer to the realisation of an Asian century of peace, prosperity and stability than that was ever before and we have to work hard to realise this vision of Asian Century.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while delivering the 37th Singapore Lecture to an audience of 1,000 people, he said while lauding Singapore that Singapore had demonstrated to the whole world and Asia that neither the size of a nation was a barrier to the scale of achievement nor the lack of resources were constraint for innovation, imagination and inspiration.

Modi told that the architect of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew was an inspiration to him, and it was with the same vision that “we are pursuing the transformation of India.” He told that his government had one set of policies to empower people on one hand and an another set of policies to ensure that that the enterprises flourish. Both these set of policies will have to work simultaneously in order to unlock the potential of the people of India.

Narendra Modi reiterated that our government is focused on creating opportunities, reforming laws, policies and institutions. India has moved and is moving ahead on many fronts at the same time. He told that my aim is to see the emergence of India as the fastest growing economy in the world.  According to Mr. Modi, after Japan, Singapore and Korea, India was the bright hope and the rising spot for sustaining Asian dynamism and sustainability. Commenting that China’s economic transformation was an inspiration, he said both India and China could advance each other’s progress.

During his lecture he also told that he was grateful to Malaysia for the security cooperation. This underlines our shared commitments to deal with our respective security challenges. He promised to continue and deepen the cooperation in this area. On terrorism he told that the recent attacks in different countries were a reminder of the global nature of the threat. In this scenario as per Modi Malaysia has provided the leadership in combating extremism and radicalism by rejecting any link between the terrorism and religion and in highlighting the real values of Islam.

[The Hindu]

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