Union Minister asks Industry to give Reservation to SC/ST and Backward Classes

Union Minister and Lok Janashakti Party chief Ram Vilas Paswan has urged the Industry to give voluntary reservations to Dalits, SC s and ST s, as the Minister thinks it will help curbing ”Naxalism”.

Mr. Paswan says the Industry  should voluntarily reserve jobs for Dalits, SC s and ST s  as the employment of the people, of backwards category, will help thwarting issues like Naxalism and unrest. According to the minister, jobs falling under Class-3 and Class-4 categories should be reserved for Dalits, SC s and ST s in industries, those that get benefited and subsidized by the Government.

He says that he is not asking for Class-1 and Class-2 jobs to be reserved. “Are not SCs and STs capable of doing the job of even a peon? Do we want to say that children of Dalits have not learnt computers even as some of them are clearing all-India services?”- asked the minister, at an event.

“Why are youths drifting towards Naxalism? It is happening because they are not getting opportunities.” Mr. Paswan  said reservation in private jobs will help cutting down the anger and frustration among  youths from Dalits, SCs and STs, who may get indulged into the extremist ideology. He said the private sector  does not seem to be bothered about the “have-nots”.

He added: “Our party maintains that there should be reservation in private jobs. It is a different matter whether this is done through law or companies do it through their affirmative action. I feel the industry should come forward on its own and play an affirmative role.”

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