‘Chauvinist’ States of America

From the era Victoria Woodhull to the era of Hillary Clinton the people of the first world have changed their perceptions from “we need feminism” to “do we need feminism?”

When Victoria Woodhull decided to stand for the US presidency elections people thought she couldn’t do it and there was no way that she could win it because she was a woman and when Hillary Clinton decided to do the same after 144 years people still thought the same and their actions justified it well.  I think there are many silent issues which we need to ponder on.

This year’s presidential elections in the US have given us a lot to contemplate again before we make any more conclusions.

I’ll simply give you the gist of this election campaign in a single line. These were the 45th elections in US and the people had a choice between a woman with flaws and a man who was a misogynist at heart and a shame in the name of America; the hypocrite American men chose to be lead by another man than a woman, probably because they felt or perhaps firmly believed “how can a woman lead a superpower like us?” because at the end of the day she is a woman.

Well, I don’t understand this ambiguous nature of American men. They pretend that they are okay with strong women and believe that their women do not need feminism anymore as they are no longer suppressed. To some degree, it is true that they are no longer suppressed or objected to the torture like in many Muslim countries but do you actually think feminism is all about giving women a choice? Or is it about not only giving them equal rights but also believing that they deserve to be treated equally?

I feel outraged and amused whenever I find an Indian man saying, “I treat my woman equally, after all my family and I give her a choice to continue her work even after marriage.”

On the other hand I find the behavior of American men to be in congruent to what they actually propagate, they say that they are okay with strong women but the truth is that are okay with women who fly high; as long as they fly beneath men. Yesterday when the results were announced and I was in a state of shock, there were many times when I wondered “did all the hypocrite misogynistic men of America conspire to do this tragedy?”

Trump and Clinton onstage during the debate. Pic: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg
Trump and Clinton onstage during the debate. Pic: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It is estimated that around 71.6 million people were watching the final presidential debate when Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman”. People voted for a man who literally spent his entire life rating women on the basis of their appearance, a man who boasted the fact that he had sexually assaulted a woman.

Now all I can do is to hope the best for America!

Featured Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/24564574914/


  1. I love it!! Clinton is the best!
    Great article amishreya!

  2. The article is very well written and so precise! Hats off to the writer!

  3. hmm, i liked this article very much. the writer has done justice to it.

  4. Amazing work. I will follow her. I agree with her.

  5. You know what people whether they are from any country they judge any person just by their gender,that what we got to see from the elections of America. Well written Amishreya.Hats off!

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