UP Elections Preview

The reconciliation of nearly broken Samajwadi Party has been so unusual that that we saw Congress emerge as the new family to SP. It is for the first time that SP has formed alliance with any other national party for elections. The reasons are clear and yet ambiguous! Is it Mayawati who is creating the stir in minds of SP or does it fear the clean sweep BJP had shown in 2014?

BJP and its leaders seem irrevocable and have been very vocal about the short life of the UPA-SP alliance. BJP has been clear about the fear it has instilled in the minds of its opponents when Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas said, “ Rahul and Akhilesh had been hurling allegations at each other in the harshest language but later joined hands to take on BJP, which is a winning spree and can never be defeated by any alliance.” It is clear from statements like these that the UPA-SP alliance does not seem to bother BJP much or at all.

Samajwadi Party chief, AkhileshYadav in reply to BJP has said that”The downfall of those who had befooled people promising ‘achche din’ has started. After 2017, they will be wiped out in 2019 also. They should tell people as to what have they done.”

While Akhilesh is so sure of the beginning of the end, UP elections have a gained momentum after the first phase of elections have given it an altogether different momentum where Mayawati, the heroine of Dalits and minorities, claims that she shall bring back the lost glory, fame and magnanimity to Uttar Pradesh. She has turned a deaf ear to pollster predictions.

Uttar Pradesh, the state that decides the fate of any political party of the nation, is all set to witness its January for the next 5 years. It unlocks the doors to center we have seen BJP walk a smooth walk through UP to Delhi, that is what relief some and bothers others. The triangle is equilateral and yet not!

The first of seven phases of election is over and every party claims the opinion polls in its favor. The other phases shall be conducted on 15/2, 19/2, 23/2, 27/2, 4/3 and 8/3 chronologically.

Counting will be taken on March 11. India waits to see if Akhilesh repeats history by fighting it out against all odds, just as he fought it out even against his father or BJP repeats the 2014 history of unambiguous clean sweep, or if Mayawati repeats the history once more, for fifth time.

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