President Trump and Syria

President Donald recently Trump ordered the US military to fire dozens of Tomahawk missiles against a Syrian regime air base ( and also dropped ‘ the mother of all bombs’ in Afghanistan). The strike has been carried out in response to a chemical gas attack that the US Government says, was engineered by President of Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar-al-Assad against his own people, which caused a casualty of at least 85 including about a dozen of children. The missiles that have been fired targeted “aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage, ammunition supply bunkers, air defence systems and radars” according to an official statement from the Pentagon. Unverified reports inside Syria claim that nine civilians, including four children, were killed by the strike.

The whole offensive seems“Trumped-up” at various levels and in no manner  ‘moral.’ We essentially need to realize that our fight is against terrorists and war and we cannot resort to the same path as theirs to uproot them. What different are we from ISIS or Al-Qaeda if the result of our actions are same as theirs? If we resort to war and violence to resort peace, why cannot they resort to same tools for upholding their religion? The moral base of our actions must be just as strong as our words often claim them to be.

Having talked about moral inappropriateness of the agenda in hand, we must and should realize the extent to which this attack has violated the international laws. While both the nations, the stakeholders of the news, are member nations to the United Nations, there is no speck of doubt that USA has violated the laws blatantly and unapologetically. We are all sheltered under the canopy of UN, we have no right to attack any other nation on mere “suspicion and inferences that we draw”. The entire chapter VI of the charter emphasizes on restrictions and measures to deal with the issues that are against international peace and security, however, time and again there have been by-passing of authority and in no manner does this paint a good picture. The motto of the UN was to deliberate with diplomacy and eradicate war in every form, but, there in is no denial in the fact that we have miserably failed at it and our status-quo is no different from the one in which UN was born.

Most importantly, the attack that US claim to serve humanity is attack against the sovereignty of Syrian Arab Republic and is therefore completely intolerable. USA suspects Assad of attacking his own people with chemical weapons and on the basis of these speculations, decides to carry a military attack on Syria. There has been no confirmatory evidence from USA, there has been no indication for deliberation over the alarming issue in UN by USA, and, USA attacks. Having killed nine people in its valiant measure to restore humanity and peace in Syria, USA has not just attacked the nation, but its integrity and sovereignty.

President Trump, has repeatedly been vocal about how Obama is “very foolish” to take military actions in Syria. “Syria is not our problem” were his words in 2013. In August 2013, he said,” how bad has our leader made us look on Syria. Stay out of Syria, we don’t have the leadership to win wars or even strategize”. Followed by “what will we get from bombing Syria besides ore debt and a possible long-term conflict? Obama needs congressional approval”.

After having been so considerate and generous towards the population of Syria, President Trump has lately developed a peculiar interest in them are is therefore in on the same path which we had been contracting and criticizing for all this while. “Stay out of Syria” have been his exact words: from asking to neglect issues in Syria to neglecting Syria, we have come no long way and are still in the puddle we were earlier in. It is however, very notable that President Trump was at one point of time against actions by USA Government that did not have Congressional approval. It is also notably ironical, that USA government, once again, did not seek to the approval of the congress before the attacked Syria to save Syria. We are indeed concerned about the unregulated exercise of authority and power by USA, who did not even consult the SC once before taking this action. Article 51 clearly enshrines that interventions would be considered legitimate only when the county has done it under serious threat to national peace and security. USA however, did not bother to reconsider any aspect of the issue and did what is deemed correct.

President Trump has been reiterating about the fact that, he has taken this secure military action in order to check any threat to USA’s national peace and security. We have no second opinion regarding a government’s concern to work for its national peace and kills people of another nation to keep its people safe. We do not live in this world, this era to witness such heinous acts of disgrace to humanity. The matter could have been solved in various other ways, this way, however, was not to be taken. Such measures taken by the US government emerge out to be drenched with geopolitical affairs more that national concern. We are all aware of advantages Syria associated with itself. Wrapped in war and terrorism, Syria is an easy and vulnerable channel to Middle East. The equations, however, are not that simple as they seem, with Iran and Russia on Syria’s side, it is to be acknowledged that, these two nations are not just allies to Syria but rivals to USA. And that is what makes the scenario completely drenched in geopolitics.

With all this around, Russian President Putin has called it an act of aggression. The UN deputy Ambassador warned extremely serious consequences that could follow the air strike. Assad’s office said the strike was foolish and irresponsible and has promised to redouble its efforts against rebels.

We must and have to realize that the deplorable state of Syria today is due to ISIS. Its high-time we realize, that all these squabbles, with questions being raised about the sides we are on, is only making the Terrorists win because if we don’t, just as in Afghanistan, or Iraq, it will not take much time to destroy the whole country.

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