The Lady under the Veil: Debunking Triple Talaq

Religion is never the problem; it’s the people who use it to gain power – Julian Casablancas.

At times, I feel that religion is an infamous hypocrite institution established by the God and then later on altered by the staunch and frivolous men.  Being a naive person I lack the knowledge possessed by the religious learned men. I don’t know what the purpose of religion is, however I do know what the purpose of religion isn’t. Religion wasn’t created to beset the feeble. Religion wasn’t established to mangle the common people due to the so-called rectifications made by the saintly giants to suit their own needs.

The common masses are often expected to explore the tranquillity in their lives and not question or protest against the act of being mortified and harassed by the most pious men who consider themselves next to god. Women in particular are expected to hush their already unheard voices under their veil. I believe every religion should teach women how to communicate using sign language so that they could at least fight against this patriarchal set up which ensures to harass women in particular.

From the past couple of months we’ve been witnessing the struggle of Muslim women against the Islamic divorce system also popularly known as the triple talaq. Let’s just say the concept of triple talaq was nothing remotely close to what it has been made today. For most of the men it is no less than a boon for them to get rid of their nagging wives without having to explain anything to them, whereas for most of the women it is no less than a bridge made up of ice on an active volcano. Most of the men have used the triple talaq as an omnipotent weapon to harass their wives. To those who don’t know how triple talaq works let me explain it to you, all the husband has to do is utter the word Talaq three times before his wife and then Voila! The marriage aka niqah has been dissolved. Child’s play isn’t it?

This whole concept of triple talaq outrages Muslim women. With the evolving technology men have started initiating new ways to divorce their wives some ways include text message, E-mail and these days even a Whatsapp image suffices. Most of the men have made a joke of this concept and do not hesitate for even once before giving their wives a talaq. This inconsiderate nature of Muslim men towards their wives is what is exasperating the women community.

Nevertheless the concept of triple talaq is not only the sole reason for the exasperation of Muslim women. There is another affair which sometimes is followed by the triple talaq which is known as “nikah halala”. There is a huge possibility that many people may be totally oblivious to this so-called procedure.  If by any means you are one of those neurotic men who get a fit of anger and lose your temperament then triple talaq maybe the sudden make or break point of your entire existence. According to the Muslim personal law a man can revoke the given talaq twice within the period of separation however if he gives the talaq for the third time then ‘nikah halala’ will be followed.

Regardless of the divorce given by you, suppose you instantly again regret this decision then there is a way you can undo your actions and win your so-called ex- wife back for the third time. To countermand your third talaq your ex-wife in order to marry you again is expected to consummate her marriage with another man. In layman’s language your wife is expected to marry another man, build a sexual relationship with him and then divorce her new husband.

This demeaning practice of forcing women to sleep with other men, the tormenting practice of triple talaq and the most common practice of polygamy has to be eradicated from our society for the well-being of women.  The so-called religious heads need to realise that treating women like objects which can be possessed, thrown or replaced are not the ideals of any religion. There are 21 Muslim countries which have banned this immoral concept which is solely an example of harassment of women and misogyny. The question is when are we going to bring this change?

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