The Curious Case of Kulbhushan Jadhav

If only we could quantify irrational, psychologically dysfunctional urge to invite unnecessary enmity and attention for all the bad reasons, we could, for once, see our beloved neighbor, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, top a list!
In the recent times, a name, Kulbhushan Jadhav has dominated the headlines of national and international news for quite for some time. Kulbhushan Jadahav, as conceded by the Indian government is an Indian national who is a former Indian Navy officer. Jadhav, on March 3, 2016 was arrested by the Pakistani authorities and was convicted of conducting subversive activities for the Indian government. Pakistan has also accused Jadhav of working for the Research and Analysis Wing of India as a spy in Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province. India, though claims, Mr. Jadhav was in Iran and was kidnapped by Pakistani agents and groups close to them, dropped into Balochistan and picked up from there.
Following these accusations, Jadhav was sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court on April 10. In an advent to revert back to Pakistan’s claims, conclusions and judgement, India has requested consular access to Jadhav and also demanded a certified copy of the charge sheet as well as judgement. The same has been denied by Pakistan for 13 times in a row. Thereafter, India was compelled to take get hold of it’s last resort, approach the International Court of Justice (ICJ). India has also agreed to the fact that the step is against India’s strong principle of not internationalizing it’s disputes with Pakistan, but, this time, alike most other times, Pakistan had behaved in manners so ignorant and egregious that India was compelled to seek help from the World Court as it involved the life of a citizen who innocent and in inhuman captivity. India, in ICJ was seeking justice through Mr. Harish Salve, counsel for the Indian side.
To an already long list of erroneous, farcical and errand etiquette, Pakistan has succeeded in engraving yet another, under the title of this case. This case is a classic exemplification of how desperate Pakistan is to belittle India and stain it with blots of espionage and terrorism. At every tangent, this incident very clearly images Pakistan as a vindictive subject determined upon avenging every defamation that it has been subjected to in the past few years for the heinous crimes it has been involved in ranging from practicing to sheltering terrorism. India, has very often brought these practices of Pakistan to limelight and it is this, that has triggered Pakistan and has made it inclined towards proving Jadhav guilty by any and every means.
The irony, however, is the fact that amidst it’s valiant battle to ensure national peace and security of Pakistan, it somehow missed out on ensuring fundamental human rights, yet again! When we talk about violation of human rights, we essentially talk about how Jadhav was denied consular access and not only that, but also unacknowledged requests by Jadhav’s mother to meet her son and inquire about his well-being. It is such proceedings of a ‘fair trial’ by Pakistan for national security that makes us question the credibility of the trial.
It is also equally important to realize how blatantly has the sovereignty of a nation been breached by Pakistan. India had requested to Pakistan 16 times to provide consular access to Jadhav. India had requested Pakistan to provide them a certified copy of charge sheet and judgement. India had requested Pakistan to provide information about Jadhav’s medical condition. Not only have the above requests been unacknowledged but also have been denied and combined together, these are substantive enough to establish the fact that Pakistan has left no stone unturned in breaching the sovereignty of a nation, as has been its inhibition.
There is no room for ambiguity in believing that the case that has been put up against Jadhav is completely biased and has been carried out and judged completely on the grounds of suspicion in the absolute absence of any strong and conclusive evidence that can prove Pakistan’s agenda. Interestingly, we are not the only ones to doubt on the evidences that Pakistan claims it has against Jadhav, Pakistani adviser to PM on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz seems to equally convinced as us and has thus said that they do not have sufficient evidence against Jadhav and the facts presented by security agencies was inconclusive. In form of evidence, the only evidence that Pakistan seems to have is a confessional video wherein Jadav confesses to all his sabotage activities and also details about his networks with Indian spy agency RAW. This video that has been suggested by Pakistan as a confessional video remained unacknowledged in the ICJ.
After a fair trial in the ICJ, justice seems to have prevailed and stay order has been unanimously announced to Jadhav’s execution. Pakistan, however, is appealing ICJ to redress the case and do it within next few weeks.
We are astonished to see Pakistan stoop down so much, it ain’t unexpected, it is bizarre though, but well, that is what comes to Pakistan organically!

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